Project: Smooth Finish Brand Suite

Client: Premier Plastering Waikato


For Premier Plastering Waikato, our goal was to craft a visual identity that reflects the precision and professionalism of their plastering services. We designed a logo that embodies both modernity and the artisanal quality of their work, using a clean and sturdy typeface paired with a graphic that subtly hints at smooth, perfect finishes. The business cards and signage we created maintain this aesthetic, ensuring that every point of customer contact communicates the high standards and detail-oriented approach of Premier Plastering Waikato. The signage is particularly impactful, designed to catch the eye of potential customers with its clarity and distinctive style. This cohesive branding effort not only enhances their professional image but also significantly boosts their visibility in the competitive construction and renovation market.
Premier Plastering Logo
Premier Plastering Business Cards
Premier Plastering Signage

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