Project: Nailing the Brand Build

Client: Bolton Builders


For Bolton Builders, our goal was to establish a solid brand foundation as robust and dependable as the structures they build. Our project involved creating a comprehensive branding package, including a new website, logo, and business cards that reflect the quality and professionalism of Bolton Builders. The new website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimised for both performance and SEO, ensuring that Bolton Builders stands out in the competitive Canterbury construction market. The logo we designed is both modern and timeless, encapsulating the essence of Bolton Builders’ expertise in building high-end architectural homes, while the business cards foster connectivity and continued interaction. Through our collaborative efforts, we have provided Bolton Builders with the tools needed to build lasting relationships with their clients, just as they construct lasting buildings.
Bolton Builders Website
Bolton Builders Business Cards
Bolton Letterhead
Bolton Builders Logo

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