Project: Branching Out Brand Kit

Client: Triggers Trees and Hedges


For Triggers Trees and Hedges, a professional arborist company, our objective was to cultivate a cohesive branding identity that mirrored the expertise and dedication they bring to tree and hedge care. We designed a logo that visually represents the growth and nature of their business, incorporating elements that reflect the robustness and nurturing aspect of arboriculture. The business cards and flyers extend this botanical theme, offering a clear, green, and vibrant design that captures the eye and underscores their commitment to environment and care. Additionally, we developed advertisements that effectively communicate their services and commitment to safety and sustainability. This integrated approach not only strengthened their brand identity but also increased their visibility in a competitive market, attracting more clients who value professional and dedicated tree care services.
Triggers Trees and Hedges Flyers
Triggers Trees Ad
Triggers Trees Business Cards

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