Project: Bubble Up Branding

Client: Wash n Wait


The project for Wash n Wait aimed to refresh the laundromat’s visual identity to make it more inviting and recognisable. We designed a logo that combines cleanliness and efficiency, using bright, welcoming colours and modern typography that communicates the quick and reliable service Wash n Wait offers. For the signage, we ensured that it was not only visible from a distance but also informative and reflective of the brand’s friendly and professional atmosphere. The new signage invites potential customers into a space where they can feel comfortable waiting, knowing their laundry is handled with care. We also provided instructional signage for within the laundromat, to clearly outline information to the customer. This combination of thoughtful branding and clear, attractive signage has significantly enhanced the laundromat’s curb appeal, helping to attract and retain customers in a competitive market.
wash n wait logo
Wash n Wait Signage
Wash n Wait Signage

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