Project: Compassionate Design Kit

Client: SalutisCare


For SalutisCare, a dedicated cancer care clinic, we undertook a vital branding project aimed at encapsulating the compassion, expertise, and hope they offer their patients. We developed a logo that reflects both the care and advanced medical support provided by the clinic, using soothing colours and a symbol that communicates healing and support. The business cards carry this theme forward, ensuring that every patient and partner contact reinforces their commitment to health and patient-focused care. Document designs were tailored to be functional with clear, easy-to-read layouts. The website serves as a comprehensive digital platform, offering accessible information with an empathetic tone, user-friendly navigation, and resources for patients and families. Together, these elements forge a cohesive and supportive brand identity that aligns with SalutisCare’s mission to provide exceptional cancer care.
SalutisCare Web Design
SalutisCare Letterhead
SalutisCare Business Cards

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